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6 Spring Clean Tips for around the house from Manor Property Services

1. Once the temperature starts to get over 15 degrees again usually around early September it’s a good time to treat those south facing sides of your property for all the moss and mould that builds up over the winter months, this can be on walls, roofs, gutters, decks and railings. Spray with a good quality moss and mould treatment, if there’s ladder work involved best to get the professionals in to do this.

2. Spring is a great time to carry out those maintenance jobs around the house. Your home is generally your biggest investment in life and regular maintenance ensures you are protecting that investment.  Without regular maintenance the true value of your investment may not be realised. Some of the things you need to do will be, clean all your gutters and check for any cracks or leaks, any build up of sediment or leaves in the guttering just provides a breeding ground for seedlings to grow and the next thing you know there is grass growing out of your gutters… Not a good look! If it’s a 2-storey building get the professionals involved, it’s not worth the risk. You’ll be surprised how good your view is when you clean your windows, don’t forget to do inside and outside.

3. Whilst we are on the maintenance subject it’s also a good time to check things like, water temperature in your hot water cylinder, it may have been turned up a bit for winter, you can reduce your power by dropping the temperature back to a moderate heat, generally this should be around 60 Degrees,  Check all your smoke alarms batteries and make sure they are all operational and in good working order.

4. Pathways and Driveways may require a water blast and a wash of the outside walls of your home always brightens up the look of your home and gets rid of all those ugly cobwebs. Often a good time to get the pest man in to spray for flies and spiders after this has been done.

5. Into the garden and spring is when we start to see daisies and daffodils emerging, unfortunately so do the common weeds so a good spray with an organic weed killer or a good dose of Roundup if they are taking over the garden. Be careful where and when you spray, make sure you don’t walk back over the sprayed paths as your footwear will be contaminated and if you walk on the lawn you will be in for a nasty shock in a few weeks when you see footprints of dead grass, make sure there is no wind when spraying to avoid mist drift on to other plants and of course always wear appropriate safety gear, mask, gloves and goggles.

6. If your garden has been neglected over the winter one of the first things to do is expose your borders, whether they are paths, bricks, sleepers or bark, by exposing these borders with your weedeater and making them look tidy gives you a starting point and boundary in which to attack the rest of the garden. Check with your local garden centre as to what you should be planting this time of the year.  It’s also a good time to start spreading fertiliser and mulching in the garden.

Now is the time to contact us and we can assist you with those all important Spring Cleaning jobs!

See our Property Maintenance page for more information.

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