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To complement our existing Professional House Cleaning Service, Manor Property Services operate their state of the art Gutter Gobbler.

MPS provide Specialist Gutter cleaning services to the Nelson business community. With our state of the art “Gutter Gobbler” machine, gutter cleaning is now a much quicker and more efficient process as well as being safer for our staff by eliminating the need for ladder work or working from roof tops in most cases.

MPS’s Gutter Gobbler is a very high powered vacuum system utilising light-weight carbon fibre extension tubes which gives us the capability of reaching gutters 10 metres above ground level without the need for climbing ladders.

The Gutter Gobbler has its own CCTV system so that the operator can monitor the suction head while working inside the gutters, thus ensuring the gutter is cleaned thoroughly.

In most situations there is no longer any need to climb ladders or get on rooves to clean gutters which makes the whole job safer and much quicker. Because of the shorter time frame required to the job we can pass the savings on time costs on to our customers.

No more climbing ladders, fast and efficient cleaning, environmentally friendly and cost effective!

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Gutter Gobbler MPS Nelson

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