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MPS has a qualified Arborist Team who can undertake all aspects of residential and commercial tree work throughout the Nelson and Tasman Regions.

MPS Tree Care Specialists

Our Arborist team are highly trained to undertake ALL manner of tree work in a diverse range of situations from advice and formative pruning on small trees, right through to large sectional dismantling of large, over-mature or dangerous trees.

Be it tree maintenance programmes, hedge trimming or any other form of Arboricultural services, you can trust in the MPS team to transform your garden.

Tree Reducing, Thinning & Light Enhancement

We offer careful and appropriate pruning of problematic trees causing light loss, falling deadwood, structural faults or just neighbours who want their view back! Don’t just fell that tree! MPS will come and advise for free and offer up solutions that come from decades of experience. Correct pruning can allow for the preservation of trees and foliage that could be adding value to your home and lifestyle.

Storm Damage

During periods of bad weather or a tree/branch suddenly collapse, we will postpone our usual programmed work so that we can deal with any storm damage and emergency tree works immediately.

Tree Removal

When a tree is dying, dangerous or you have no option but to remove it, out skilled Team will use the latest techniques such as rigging, zip lines, crane removals or our Spider Cherry Picker to help prevent damage to property, glasshouses, gardens, lawns, fences and valuables. Let us do what we do best: work on the problem for you, not add to it!

Hedge Trimming

We also trim, reduce, shape and remove hedges that are too difficult or too high to manage. In the case of shelterbelts, why continually pay to have trimmed what is too high for your needs? We have the skills and specialist equipment that allows us to bring this hedge down to a manageable height.

Stump Grinding

Once a tree has been removed, the stump will remain that will take years to rot away, can aid fungal attacks into your property, continually regenerate or create a trip or slip hazard. We can grind the remaining stump away and leave the area tidy and reusable.

Tree Bracing

Tree bracing is a good way to retain a tree that requires additional support, especially in multi-stemmed trees or large lateral branches. If a tree has a weak union or hazardous heavy limbs, an installed bracing system coupled with some excessive end weight reduction, can enhance the longevity and safety of your tree for years to come. Don’t wait for this to happen and ruin your tree, as advice for this is free.

MPS are enthusiastic tree management specialists, with the experience and expertise to handle any job, no matter how big, small or complicated.

Arborist Services

The MPS Advantage

Our vision is to become Nelson’s premier provider of property maintenance services.
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