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I am really glad I found MPS.  They have done a lot of jobs for me over the past year – house cleaning, painting, maintenance and repair jobs.

The great thing about their services is that they do just about everything, no job is too big or too small.

Whatever it was, they were always cheerful and willing to help out. I have got to the point now that if I need some work done, no matter what it is, I know they will be able to do it.

When I was getting my house ready for sale, they advised about he repainting of some rooms that I needed to have done, and they were able to come in and complete the work with the minimum disruption to me and at a time that suited me.  Later, my real estate agent remarked on the paint job when he saw it – he was quite impressed. It was a very nice finish and really gave the place such a lift.  I am sure it made a huge difference when I sold the house.

They also did some jobs at very short notice (like cleaning out the gutters which were chock full of leaves, before an Open Day!).

The last job they did for me recently was to dismantle and remove a very large trampoline from my back yard.  It was an awkward, heavy job, but they did it quickly and tidily.

The best thing, besides their excellent workmanship, is that they are professional and trustworthy.  I always had complete confidence to give them a key to my house and just leave them to it.

I highly recommend their services and have passed their phone number on to my friends.

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