See MPS for Biohazard Cleaning. We are Methamphetamine & Asbestos Decontamination and Restoration Specialists. Providing a range of services to remediate sites which have been categorised as “Biohazard”

Our Services

This service covers a wide variety of BioHazard cleaning instances including:

BioHazard Cleaning
The problems you face
  • Illegal methamphetamine labs use explosive substances
  • Highly toxic residues from fumes and chemicals that permeate walls, carpets, wood and plaster
  • Health risks include burns, respiratory and neurological damage
  • Legal risks including liability for health issues for people using the premises
  • Needles, contaminated glassware and blood

MPS have the right equipment and staff to facilitate complex and messy decontaminations, to complete rebuilds and building renovations.

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